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Sunday nights on Radio Kingston it’s "The Long Way Around with Malcolm Burn," and on this Sunday it's Journos! Interview, stories and songs, as Bryan Russo and Ryan Abbot of Journos give a rare acoustic performance. Stream the show from 8-10pm Nov. 27th here: Come along for a musical journey through the ears and eyes of Grammy Award winning record producer Malcolm Burn every Sunday from 8 to 10 PM on The Long Way Around.


Friday the 13th (🧟‍♂️) in January we’re at the legendary Globe Theater in Berlin for our vinyl release party. We're doing a very limited colored vinyl edition of "In The Key Of WTF!" BOB loves the smell of vinyl - it stinks of beers and antiestablishmentarianism! BONUS: It's not just us, but there will also be a some other artists from BTORG Records including: Rabbits Anonymous, and Danah Denice (formerly of college radio darlings, The Dead Pens). Once again, BOB is excited to share all the new music that we've released now and into next summer!


Limited Seating Remains! Reservations recommended: 410-626-9796. Let them know which show you're planning to attend. Journos' debut album "In The Key of WTF" has been out for only 3 weeks, and is already making a splash on indie radio nationwide. Sure you can stream it online, but BOB suspects that you’re a vintage head like me, and you want that hardware in your hands, something you can feel, something with weight.

We wanted to do something special for our Annapolis brethren, our recent home base so we’re throwing a special release party on Saturday December 3rd just for our old friends at 49 West - one of our all time favorite venues. Call 410.626.9796 and make a reservation.


Paul Kares presents an intimate night with Bryan Russo! Known for his strong lyrical prowess, his soulful voice, and a genre fluid approach to his songs, Russo is a true “songwriter’s songwriter” grinding hard in the minor leagues of the music world like Kevin Costner’s character in “Bull Durham” yearning for a shot in the big leagues that probably isn’t coming.

“Russo sounds like the blues stomping on pop melodies. He’s got a soulful voice, and lyrics that bite”—Maryland Coast Dispatch “Russo is like if Johnny Depp and Tom Waits ate Bill Withers”—Joe Harkum of the band Pasadena “Soulful, Powerful, Heartfelt and Satirical. His talent is undeniable, so to ignore it would be total blasphemy.”—Slade Vegas, Las Vegas Freelance Rock Writer Proceeds to Paul Kares, a non profit for the culinary and musical arts

$65 Includes 4 course wine dinner and a concert


I'm very excited to get back to Chincoteague Island, VA tomorrow evening for one of my favorite gigs of the year as I'll be headlining the Chincoteague Arts Alliance Coffeehouse series with opener Emily Guemple at 6:30 in the PM.

I've been quite busy making the doughnuts again, so things have been reasonably quiet...but there's a new record being mastered as we speak and some cool things coming, musically speaking. Thanks!

$10 Proceeds benefit the Chincoteague Cultural Arts Alliance



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